The PVCu window & door systems company behind the ADVANCE 70 System...

Selecta Systems Ltd

Selecta Systems are a window and door profile systems company, that extrudes and distributes window and door profile sections to the trade. The ADVANCE 70 System is our core product, with supporting systems, accessories and ancillaries complementing the range. We DO NOT fabricate and install windows and doors, but have a large database of customers (fabricators and installers) up and down the UK.

Selecta are a company with pedigree and integrity which is recognised for technical superiority, premium quality products and performance standards.

Selecta prides itself on the reputation it has established over the years, as a market leading innovator of window and door profile systems with unrivalled customer care, marketing and technical support services.

Initially Selecta were introduced into the UK market from Germany in 1982 and have since established a standing for quality and reliability, whilst still being independently owned by the same family who started the journey.

Selecta have developed strong business relations with customers ensuring that they tailor requirements to meet individual and consumer needs and additionally Selecta provide a support package for fabricators and installers to help in their business development and growth.

With many years of knowledge and experience, Selecta Systems are firmly established as one of the UK’s leading extruders of PVCu window and door systems. As a specialist within the industry Selecta Systems peace of mind warranty is of paramount importance, with a dedicated team committed to providing only the best in terms of product and support services.

The 9 acre, state-of-the-art extrusion plant, warehouse and distribution centre based in Birmingham incorporates all the latest technology which is regularly assessed and updated according to market demands.

The purpose built extrusion plant runs continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which enables us to maintain the stock levels required to meet customer demand. We extrude a MASTERslide Patio System, MASTERfold Bi-fold Door System, Vantage 70 System, EASi-FOLD Door System and our highly acclaimed ADVANCE 70, our 70mm sculptured, chamfered and fully integrated system, which is complemented with a full range of accessories and ancillary items.

Our production methods are supported internally by extensive and thorough ongoing quality checking procedures which are further supported by external examination. A nationwide delivery service is available for all our UK customers, which boasts impressive on-time-in-full orders of 99.8%.

We also offer additional support in terms of technical and marketing expertise, which substantiates our personal commitment to customers by providing total care in terms of technical assistance and marketing services.

Research, Development & Design

Selecta Systems are committed to an ongoing Research and Development Programme and continually strive to improve their products and services.

To ensure new products achieve optimum performance, continuous analysis is an ongoing main priority. Products are selected for their durability and longevity and are subject to rigorous internal and external tests to satisfy both customer and climatic demands.
The product range from Selecta Systems has been carefully developed to incorporate a wide range of design aspects. Being aware of architects and specifiers requirements, planning is a vital component to ensuring that the most suitable products are provided for individual projects.


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PVCu Extrusion in the Heart of the UK

All Selecta Profile Systems are extruded in the heart of the UK at our state-of-the-art extrusion plant in Birmingham.

Profiles are extruded and tested for compliance to BS EN 12608-1:2016 with focus placed on thermal efficiency, sound insulation and product performance.

Materials are tested in accordance with and to BS EN 477:2018 (cold impact testing), BS EN 478:2018 (heat ageing), BS EN 479:2018 (heat reversion) and numerous other property checks.

As part of the Selecta Systems Quality Management System (ISO9001:2015) testing procedures are rigorous to avoid such detrimental effects that can occur including buckling and distortion. External audits for BS EN 12608-1:2016 / PAS 24:2016 (enhanced security performance) are also tested on a regular basis.

Window & Door Fabrication and Installation

Selecta Systems do not fabricate, install or sell windows and doors to the public and only supply to the trade, however...

Selecta have a network of fabricators and installers throughout the UK whom have been approved and endorsed by Selecta to manufacture their windows and doors. Not just anyone can fabricate Selecta products!

The network of approved Selecta fabricators have undergone a course of training by Selecta engineers to ensure they have adequate knowledge, skills and competence, and that the fabrication of Selecta products are carried out to a high standard.

Periodic service calls ensure that the approved fabricators continue to fabricate Selecta’s products to that high standard which Selecta demands.

What this means to the consumer is that your windows and doors have not only been extruded and tested to comply with industry standards, but also that the fabricator has met the criteria determined by Selecta for the fabrication of Selecta products.

The PVCu
Window & Door
Supply Chain

Where Selecta Systems, the fabricator, installer and end consumer sit in the supply chain for PVCu windows and doors.

in windows & doors

Selecta Systems extrude and stock the PVCu window and door profile sections in 6 metre lengths at their Birmingham factory and warehouses.

We also extrude our own Recycled Thermal Reinforcement (RTR Bar) for our range of window and door systems.

From the
storage warehouse
to the fabricator

Selecta Systems distribute and supply hundreds of window and door fabricators across the UK with 6 metre lengths of the PVCu profiles.

Millions of metres of window and door profile sections are delivered to fabricators every year, ready to be made in to brand new bespoke windows and doors!

Windows & doors
to suit your home

The fabricator will manufacturer the windows and doors, adding their own glass, hardware and furniture from their preferred supplier network.

Each window and/or door is bespoke and fabricated to your specific requirements.

Your new windows and/or doors are
in your home

The manufactured windows and/or doors are installed in your property by the fabricators installation team or supplied to a trade installer for fitting.

Your home is now more secure, thermally efficient and elegant!