Below are answers to some of the most common questions asked at Selecta.

Extrusion of profile in progressSelecta Systems are an extruder and distributor of window and door profile systems to the trade.

We purchase PVCu raw materials, blend them in to our specific formula, heat up the PVCu mixed blend through a series of dies, which is then cooled down and cut in to 6 metre lengths to form a frame, sash, transom etc. (parts to manufacture a window or door). These processes are carried out in our material mixing plant and our state-of-the-art extrusion plant. Watch a video of our extrusion facility here...

A 6 metre length of profile is colour foiled in our Lamination Department

These 6 metre window and door profile sections are then stored in our distribution warehouse before being supplied to hundreds of window and door fabricators across the UK. Watch a video of our distribution warehouse here...

A coloured and/or grained foil is also added to the 6 metre PVCu window and door profile sections in the Selecta Systems Lamination / Foiling Department, for coloured windows and doors. Watch a video of our Lamination / Foiling Department here...


Selecta Systems do not manufacture or install windows and doors.

We only sell 6 metre lengths of window and door profile sections to fabricators across the UK, who in turn will manufacture windows and doors for either supplying an installer or installing with their own installation team.


We only sell to the trade. We can provide you with a local fabricator and/or installer within your area who manufacture and install our windows and doors.

Click here to find your local fabricator / installer.

A fabricator manufactures windows and doors to your required specification. They will source their own glass and hardware* to suit your specific needs.

The fabricator will then either:

  1. Use their own installation team to install the fully manufactured windows and doors or;
  2. Supply the manufactured windows and doors to a local installation business, builder, home improvement company, construction company / developer, DIY person etc.

PVCu or Poly Vinyl Chloride is a common, lightweight and robust type of plastic used consumer goods. The "u" stands for un-plasticised, meaning the plastic is not softened during manufacture, retaining its strength.

There is no difference between the UPVC and PVCu because the two abbreviations represent the same material being Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride.

Installers use UPVC in the promotion windows, doors and other home improvement products, but it is also referred to as PVCu. The change was made to align with European standards in the 1980s to create a universal naming convention because most languages pronounce the PVC before the U.

A chamfered profile is a contemporary and flat finish to the section whereas a sculptured profile is a more classic finish with an ovular look.


Chamfered                                     Sculptured

Profiles are extruded and tested for compliance to BS EN 12608-1:2016 with focus placed on thermal efficiency, sound insulation and product performance.

Products are tested in accordance with and to BS EN 477:2018 (cold impact testing), BS EN 478:2018 (heat ageing), BS EN 479:2018 (heat reversion) and numerous other property checks.

PAS 24:2016 - Selecta Systems window and door products have been designed to conform and are tested to the standard for enhanced security performance requirements for window assemblies, which also includes testing for air and water tightness and wind loading.

BS 6375-1:2009 - Selecta Systems window and door products have been designed to conform and are tested for air permeability, watertightness and wind resistance requirements as part of PAS 24:2016 testing requirements.

BS 6375-2:2009 - Selecta Systems window and door products have been designed to conform and are tested for operation and strength of manually operated windows and internal/external pedestrian doorsets requirements as part of PAS 24:2016 testing requirements.

BS 6375-3:2009 - Selecta Systems window and door products have been designed to conform and be tested to additional window and door performance classifications requirements, as covered by BS EN 14351 and as part of PAS 24:2016 testing requirements.

Secured by Design - Selecta Systems window and door products have been designed to conform and tested to the requirements of the Association of Chief Police Officers and passed strict testing routines for compliance.

BS EN ISO9001:2015 - Selecta Systems Ltd - All production and quality management systems conform to ISO 9001:2015

If you are looking for fully manufactured windows and doors, you can find your local fabricator and/or installer by clicking here...

You can also design and visual your own windows and doors for your home, send an enquiry and we will forward you request to your local installer for quotation!

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There are so many factors that can determine the cost of windows and doors! The fabricator and/or installer you choose, the type of windows or doors you’re having installed, the finish, the colour, the glazing requirements, the Window Energy Rating and the locks and handles can all affect the price.

Contact your local fabricator and/or installer for further information. You can find your nearest fabricator and/or installer by clicking here...

Our windows, when fully manufactured can achieve energy ratings of A+ with a U value of 1.0 W/(m2K).

Our doors, when fully manufactured can achieve a U value of 1.2 W/(m2K).


Thanks to advances in recycling and product innovation, PVCu is now widely recognised as a sustainable option for the construction industry. Old PVCu frames can be recycled and recycled up to 10 times without the quality or performance deteriorating.

PVCu is in fact environmentally friendly for a number of other reasons. PVCu windows are designed to maximise insulation, keeping warm air in and cold air out. Double glazing further enhances their insulating capacity. This is beneficial to both the homeowner and the environment. When heat is trapped inside the home, the heating system will not need to be used as often. This means that the homeowner will save money on reducing heating bills while helping to protect the environment by lowering carbon emissions

One advantage of PVCu profiles is that they are virtually maintenance free, requiring the minimum of attention to maintain their performance and appearance.

Routine cleaning is recommended, with warm soapy water solution, every 6 months unless the installation is located in an area of heavy pollution, which may require the profile being cleaned more frequently.

NOTE! Under no circumstances should any abrasive materials be used to clean the profile, there are, however, some proprietary chemical cleaning agents specifically for PVCu profiles are available, which should be used in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions and safety instructions.

It is recommended to periodically apply light machine oil to any metallic moving parts, such as locks etc. This DOES NOT apply to window friction stay friction blocks (hinges) as this will seriously affect the operation and performance of the stays (hinges).

It is advisable to periodically check gaskets, wedges and weatherseals to ensure that they have not become dislodged or damaged. Doors should be checked frequently because of frequent usage.

Check periodically to see if any screws securing operating handles have not become loosened due to usage. Tighten as necessary.

To increase or decrease the friction in friction stays (hinges), the small screw in the friction block can be turned either clockwise to increase the friction, or anti clockwise to decrease it. As a guide, the friction should be such that the stay (hinge) retains the vent in the open position, but excessive force is not required to close it.

Should any grit become embedded in the track of the friction stay (hinge), causing the friction block to bind, use a soft cloth to remove it.

You will need to contact the company that installed your windows and doors, as this is where your guarantee for the fully manufactured window(s) and/or door(s) sits.

Selecta Systems only supply the profile in 6 metre lengths to fabricators, of which they will manufacture the windows and doors and source their own glass, hardware and furniture.

Selecta Systems do not sell to the general public / end consumer and only supply to the trade. It is recommended that you contact your nearest installer who can be found by clicking here...